What I Like Best in Baguio City by Jessica

What I Like Best in Baguio City

By: Student Jessica

As a food lover, what I like best in Baguio City is no doubt its delectable food. Even though it’s just the third week of my stay in this city, I’ve heard a lot of information about its delicious food and restaurants from my classmates and teachers. According to them, there are so many choices to fulfill your stomach like Filipino dishes, Japanese cuisine, Korean barbecue, Italian pizza and pasta, Chinese food and etc. which can all be found in this city. Since I’ve tried some of them, I’ll say that Filipino desserts impress me the most!

The first and most amazing sweet I tasted is called Puto Bumbong. My friends and I ordered it at Solibao Restaurant even though we had no idea about this food. As the waiter put it on the table, all of us were shocked by its purple color and strange toppings, and we started guessing how it tastes like. Actually, Puto Bumbong is a steamed sticky rice cake with butter and grated coconut meat toppings, and the purple yam powder contributes to the color. When I ate it with brown sugar, the delicacy became more flavorful. Most desserts and beverage in the Philippines are too sweet for us Taiwanese, but Puto Bumbong is just to our taste, I love its stickiness, slight sweetness, and distinctive appearance.

The second one I will recommend is a snack named Taho. I bought it at Burnham Park from a peddler, and it only costs 25 pesos. Taho is made of soft tofu, small tapioca pearls and brown sugar. It’s simple but it has a smooth taste, and I can feel the original flavor of the tofu. In Taiwan, we also have tofu pudding which is similar to Taho, but we put it in a bigger bowl with different sweet ingredients like red beans, mung beans, peanuts etc., and the price of it is more expensive. If someday I miss Taiwanese snacks, Taho is probably the best alternative to comfort me.

I believe there are still many appetizing food waiting for me in Baguio City. The next target I’m going to taste is halo-halo, a popular Filipino shaved Ice dessert, and I can’t wait for the weekend!